Add value with a guided tour

A guided tour takes your visit to Stockholm to the next level. Getting a personal account of a city or place enhances your experience and adds value to your trip.

It can be difficult to take everything in when visiting a major city. I’ll take you to the hidden gems, to those places you’ll never find in the guidebooks.



Be spoilt

You’ve invested time and money in a trip that you’re really looking forward to. Your time is limited and you want to use it as wisely as possible. Yet the chances are that you’ll wind up in your hotel room with an empty feeling and sore feet – and at the very worst, being stung by a tourist-trap restaurant.

From my considerable experience of happy customers, a guided tour of even just a few hours raises your trip to the next level and can be the highlight of your holiday.


Nothing is impossible

Yet a guided tour is much more than just being taken to the historical sites and talking about what you see. It’s about getting tips, being given the opportunity to ask questions, and getting help with practical matters.

For a guide – or at least for me – nothing is outside the realms of possibility.


Every step of the way

Some people hire me just for an hour, while others want my help from arrival to departure. Be guided by what you want to get out of your trip and let’s plan together.

Here are just some of the things I can help you with:

  • Welcoming groups, families, or individuals at the start of their stay and discussing travel arrangements and planned events.
  • Checking tickets and other documents, reservations, and special requirements.
  • Assisting and supporting arrival and check in at a hotel or other accommodation.
  • Providing information about itineraries, destinations, and culture.
  • Providing information about arrival and departure times and ensuring that everyone returns from each stop.
  • Ensuring that all arrangements run smoothly and that accommodation, food, and service are good.
  • Arranging entry to attractions and organising transport (e.g. car hire).
  • Answering questions and providing assistance with any problems that may arise, from simple questions such as where the nearest pharmacy is, to more serious questions about hospitals and lost luggage.
  • Handling emergencies, such as assisting a business traveller who is ill or who needs to contact family members immediately.
  • Contacting places to stay or visit in advance to check details and arrangements.
  • Contacting hotels, bus companies, restaurants. Advice regarding facilities, attractions, restaurants, and shops.
  • Assisting with booking hotels, shows, entertainment, music, and restaurants.